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  • SOLD Thank You! - Nissan 300ZX Custom Faux Leather Power-Operated Office Chair - Red w/ Gray Piping

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    This office chair was made by combining a brand new donor office chair with a seat removed from the driver side of a Nissan 300ZX. It has been recovered in brand new red faux leather with gray piping and stitching and has the Z logo embroidered in the backrest. It is in near-new condition as you can see in the pictures above. The hard plastic trim pieces have been reused and do have some nicks and scrapes on them. All the electrical contacts have been cleaned to ensure they will work for many more years as well.

    This is an absolutely stunning chair made from what I think is easily one of the best looking cars from the 1990s. It will be shipped partially disassembled and will require about 10 minutes to put together. Only simple hand tools are required. An appropriate battery and charger to power the chair is included.

    This chair has many adjustments - well beyond most any other office chair. There are power adjustments for backrest angle, front tilt, and rear tilt.  There are manual adjustments for headrest height, backrest width, and lumbar support. And, it has all the standard features you would expect from an office chair, such as swivel, tilt, tension adjust, height adjustment, adjustable arms etc. This is a very unique item that is near impossible to find anywhere and would make a great gift too. Please feel free to ask any questions. Thank you.

    I put together the first of these chairs after having a couple of store-bought office chairs with foam cushions that quickly became flattened and useless and made it feel like I was sitting on a park bench at work all day. Automobile seats are designed for long-distance comfort and I thought they might make a great office chair. It turns out they do. They provide all-day comfort in the office just like they do in the cars. They typically use a combination of padding and steel springs rather than a single piece of foam over plywood or plastic like most office chairs and they simply don't degrade like regular office chairs. I've been using a Mercedes chair in my office since August 2014 and couldn't be happier. One day a coworker saw my new chair, said it was the coolest thing she's ever seen and thought I should try making them for other people too, so here we are. I've learned a few things by using one of these chairs daily and by having built many others. So, I've upgraded the design of this chair as a result.

    The weight capacity of this chair is 300 pounds and the top of the seat cushion can be adjusted from 19" - 23." Need a chair that's a little taller? Just send me a message with your requirements and I will probably be able to accommodate you.

    Please check my other items for sale if this isn't exactly what you're looking for. I'm usually working on several chairs at a time, so there should be others coming soon.