Driver Seat Originals Custom Office Chairs, Gaming Chairs and Racing Chairs for Automotive Enthusiasts

Driver Seat Originals was born from a simple mission of building a better office chair. Regular office chairs have a tendency for the seat cushion to flatten and make it feel like sitting on a park bench.  I had my last store-bought office chair for just six months before it suffered from a flattened cushion and it had just replaced another chair with the very same problem.  I was getting a little fed up with my short-lived and flattened-pad chairs. 

As a car enthusiast, I began experimenting with how to combine the comfort of a car seat with the everyday usability of a regular office chair. After all, automobile seats are designed for long-term comfort, so why not try it? I had been wanting to do so for about a year and began designing the concept for a car seat/office chair hybrid.  In August 2014, after many, many hours, I had made my first Driver Seat Originals office chair out of a gray Mercedes 190E MB-Tex seat. It’s still going strong with no signs of wear at all.

One day a coworker saw my new chair, said it was the coolest thing she's ever seen and thought I should try making them for other people too, so here we are… now on a mission to build fantastic office chairs for automotive enthusiasts.  I've learned a few things by using one of these chairs daily and by having built many others.  Revisions have been made along the way to improve the look, comfort and refinement of the chairs. Each car has its own seat design and its own set of challenges to overcome when transforming it into an office chair, but I enjoy the challenges and always look forward to the finished product.